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Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Top 6 Hidden Exam Tricks

I guess my only attitude when it comes to tests and exams is "Why are these people forever asking me to solve things I don't know the answer to, their problems are obviously not my problems" but unfortunately no matter how hard I try and convince myself that I don't need to worry about solving these "unnecessary" questions, the truth will always be there to haunt me. So I guess I have to break my new-found bad news for you, exams and tests are necessary, we do have to pass them and unfortunately, my attitude towards exams is far from correct. 

Now I know tests and exams are tricky and we often find ourselves trying to find those supposed hidden tricks that everyone needs to pass exams graciously, and in one piece. Well my beautiful reader, I may have cracked the code. So grab your notebook and lets crush the exam period together! Below are my top 6 hidden exam tricks. 

1. Setting goals & being organised

One of my most important tricks is this: being organised and setting exam goals can change your whole exam writing period all together. It is extremely important to set a realistic goal that you can work your way up to. By doing this you insure that you can measure the amount of studying you do against your goal by saying to yourself "Have I studied enough to reach my goal?" and if not you know you have to work harder and will thus push yourself further. Being organised contributes to this greatly. If you are organised you make it easier for yourself to spend more time working towards your goal.

2. Planning your time 

Trick 1 & 2 come as two peas in a pod for the mere fact that planning your time will help you to be on schedule and organised. If you are both of these things you have a greater chance of achieving your goal. Planning your time means being conscious of how much time you have left to prepare and study. This allows you to not let time gallop past and leave you stranded in the valley of unpreparedness. Where no studying student should ever want to be. 

3. Put your phone away

I understand how hard this is for most of us teenagers but it is by far the most helpful trick. By putting your phone away you allow yourself to focus 100% on the subject at hand. When putting your phone away make sure you put it in another room or let someone else put it away for you so you cannot get it again until after your studying session.

4. Having a balance 

Balance is an extremely important aspect of studying. You cannot expect yourself to study 24/7 with no breaks and then reach your goal and do well right? It just doesn't work like that. One thing that I will never cut down on during exams is working on my fitness. Working out is a great way to keep your blood pumping and your body happy during exams. 

Another important aspect of balance is eating, you need to make sure you fuel your body enough for it to keep going. When snacking during exams make sure to be healthy and not to overindulge in fattening foods because at the end of the day, you have sat at your desk for longer than you've worked out ;) 

Rest, sleep & taking breaks should be the very first things you slot in to your exam studying schedule. These are absolutely crucial during this stressful period. Make sure you have enough time to recharge before you have to be on the go again. Remember, if your brain is tired, it will not absorb any knowledge.

5. Positivity & Peace 

Keep calm and carry on! Wow that was cliche. Anyway, make sure you keep positive and stick to reaching your goal. You won't get anywhere close to where you want to me without having a peaceful and positive mind that focuses only on the task at hand. 

6. Finding your studying method 

This trick is oh so important! Once you find your studying method - be it writing or typing notes, using black or colour - you are set to have notes that make you HAPPY and wanting to learn! There are millions of online quizzes - that prove to be quite accurate when trying to find your studying method - that you can take to get yourself on the right path when it comes to finding your studying method. However, at the end of the day it is all about you, doing what's best for yourself. 

Make sure to check out my 7 Tips to Learning a language if you're studying for a language based test or exam! If you have any thoughts, questions or comments on exam studying feel free to email me! So my beautiful readers, I wish you the best of luck when conquering your exam/ test periods. And remember, every expert was once a beginner. You've got this. 


Saturday, 12 May 2018

How to find the perfect Formal Dance date

Wow. The first word that pops into my head as the daunting idea of our Spring Ball dawns on me. Spring ball or Spring formal is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life and the time leading up to it is extremely exciting. Planning your dress, hair and nails and then making or searching for that perfect dress is the true girly girls real dream come true but...and a big but... it’s only perfect when you have the stress of the perfect date out of the way. So boys (and girls) where are you? Why do most of the girls I’ve spoken to not have a date or are struggling to find one? Maybe we’re looking in all the wrong places. 

Now don’t get me wrong because I am definitely not saying that you absolutely have to have a date but ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed about the perfect night with the perfect date so for girls like me, this is my gift to you. Since spring ball is closing on us and I promise you I've had my eyes peeled, I’m here to report back with my newfound research  How to find the perfect formal dance date in a nutshell. 

Photo by Style Me Pretty 

When at the gym 

This is the most underestimated place to find dates! Not only do they get to see you without makeup, it’s the perfect place to show off your strengths and there are always different genders of all ages at the gym! If you ever find yourself wondering about that cute guy from gym you saw the other day, the next time you see him you absolutely have to speak to him! Never ever be shy! 

Mutual instagram or Facebook friends 

Nothing’s better than a mutual friend from Facebook or Instagram. If you find someone super cute on any of your social media platforms message him! It’s as easy as “Hey! Do you know ....?” From there, the conversation should be easy to keep going and if not, I can assure you they aren't a keeper. Also, if you see something with this person somewhere in the near future you can simply suggest a friendly dinner with your mutual friend and take things from there ;) 

A Siblings friend 

Someone that is always at your house or someone you have known for a while is an extremely good option. Remember, you need to be comfortable and have fun! This is your special night too. This one is as easy as your sibling simply setting you up with their friend, the perfect situation because they could never ever say no ;) 

Be social at all times! 

They key to finding the perfect date is to be social at all times. Go out and meet new people because you never know where or when you will find the perfect date. When going out try to meet up with old friends and go out in groups. Ask your friends to bring their friends and you can bring some of yours. This way it will be easier to meet new people or possible Formal dance dates ;) 

Hang out with more boys or girls that are your definition of the perfect dance date  

This tip goes in line with the last, when looking for a formal dance date make sure you are not looking hopelessly. Surrounding yourself with new people that fit in with your definition of the perfect date is the sure way to find someone that would not just go with you but also love going with you. 

A little flirting won’t hurt anyone ;) 

This is probably the most important tip! When you go out and find your dream date, you cannot let them get away. Spend time getting to know the person and if you decide to be friends then this may not apply to you but if you decide you'd like to be more than friends with this person and take them as your date, a little flirting won't hurt anyone ;) Make sure that they know your intentions and try to plant the idea of him being your date in his mind without sounding needy or desperate. 

Remember, you are trying to find the perfect formal dance date so go in with your idea of the type of person you want to go with. You need to have fun as well! Think of this as conducting research and don’t ever play hard to get, most of the times boys or girls won’t understand this and it’s probably the worst relationship advice you have ever received HOWEVER, never be desperate! They should be honored to go with someone as special as you. 

Photo by Style Me Pretty

Good luck to all my readers if you ever find yourself trying to find a formal dance date! Make sure to email me or comment below with your results or questions, ;) 



Saturday, 5 May 2018

My 6 favourite things for Winter


Brrr! That was quick, winter is already upon us and as I sit here writing, snuggled up under my David Jones blanket all I can say is that the snuggle is real! So buckle up for a series of Winter themed blog posts and wacky winter puns that are snow laughing matter ;) From frost glance I hope you know it's going to be a handy blog post so cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa and let's sleigh this winter with help from my six favourite things for winter. 

The Landing's Hot Chocolate 

My favorite french cafĂ© situated in Edenvale, South Africa has the absolute BEST hot chocolate you can ever imagine! Not too hot and not too cold but warm enough to keep your whole body cozy during a chilly winter. Plus, you can get a coupon card and get your 7th drink free! 

The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation 

The animal cruelty free pioneers of beauty created this wonderfully radiant foundation for every season but it seems to be just perfect for winter. Give your skin that extra glow with The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation this winter and I promise you won’t regret it 

Virgin Active 

Beautiful bodies are made in winter so get your membership now. Be it at Virgin Active or any other gym, you should definitely start working on your goal body now, especially since those comfort foods are about to come into season ;) Gyming is a great way to stay fit and warm in the winter. 

David Jones Winter Blanket 

Cuddle up in this gorgeous, fluffy winter blanket. There’s nothing that will keep you as warm this winter as this beautiful David Jones blanket from Woolworths. 

Typo or Cotton On's crazy cool winter socks 

Snug as a bug in a rug is how you’ll feel when you find your perfect Cotton On or Typo socks, and what’s better yet is that they have super cute designs and no one can judge you because hey, it’s winter ;) 

A good old Lip Ice 

There is nothing worse for your lips than winter. Because they’re always immediately chapped by the first cold breeze, you better keep a Lip Ice handy to eliminate the ultimate winter uncomfortableness that is chapped lips.

I hope my favourite things for winter help you keep cozy as the cold approaches! Get ready for some new winter hacks coming in dew time ;) 



Friday, 27 April 2018

Tips to loosing weight the healthy way & having a positive body image

Often loosing weight and having a positive body image do not come hand in hand, this is most likely due to the extremely negative body image most teenagers have. I want to try  and change this, yes one person cannot change the world but we all have our own purpose. Today's blog post comes from the heart, over the past 12 months I have worked hard to get my goal body and have realised how hard it is to love your body and change your body at the same time and this is why today I'm here to give you my tips to loosing weight the healthy way and having a positive body image.

Setting realistic goals 
There’s no point in goals if you can’t reach them. Setting goals for your body is a very important step in loosing weight and having positive feelings towards your body. Your goals are there to help you keep moving forward with no steps backwards, keeping them realistic allows you believe that you will reach them. When you reach your goals you should reward yourself in order to keep being motivated. 

Making your weight loss & body image about you 
You are the person on this journey, you are walking this path for yourself and not anyone else. This is something you need to remember when you find yourself comparing yourself to others. There is no one who knows your body better than you do, you are the sole person who can control how hard you push yourself. Always remember that you deserve to be the best YOU, not the best anybody else. 

Knowing your worth & Self Love 
Developing self love and knowing your worth is a key factor of losing weight. If you’re not going to love yourself during your journey, what’s the point. You need to love yourself and your body in order to keep healthy and keep training, if you’re not where you want to be right now, don’t worry just keep going, your time will come. Never give up, your body needs you. 

Everything in Moderation 
Dieting and eating healthy can often be quite different. Eating healthy, however is much more important. Everything you eat should be eaten in moderation however in saying this I need to stress that you do not need to starve yourself. Your body will not have enough fuel to carry on with exercise or everyday activities if you do not eat, this can actual lead to weight loss slowing down. 

Exercise is more important than dieting 
This point has a lot in relation to the last point. To be excercise is a lot more important than dieting (which often doesn’t work) Your body is your friend, you need to keep it happy in order for it to make you happy. If you work out you loose weight and build muscle, dieting often just leaves your body unhappy and craving everything you’re trying to cut out. 

Eat the carbs 
Often when people ask me for tips on loosing weight this is the first thing I tell them. If you’re not intolerant and your body can break them down, eat the carbs! But remember, everything in moderation. 

Making the process a happy process 
The aim of this process is be happy with your body, if this process represents a negative time in your life you will end of resenting the body you have been fighting to get. So again, love your body, after the pain of all the training and all the weird but healthy food combinations it’s going to need all the love it can get. This is you reaching some of your hardest goals, changing your body for the better, make sure to remember it as a positive experience. 

I urge every person reading this blog post to love their body no matter what. Yes, we all have something we want to change about ourselves but that doesn't mean we have to hate our body in the process. 


Saturday, 21 April 2018

5 Reasons why you should spend your next summer holiday in Zimbali Coastal Resort

The past week of the summer holidays I have spent in Zimbali Coastal Resort, my absolute favourite place to spend any season's holidays. However, summer makes things even better at this idyllic holiday destination off the coast of the Indian Ocean. Situated about 25 minutes from Umhlanga Beach and about an hour from Durban, Zimbali never comes short with things to offer. From Tennis Courts, Pools and a magnificent beach, Zimbali will transform your holiday into a truly magical one. And this is why I'm here to tell you my 5 top reasons why you should spend your next summer holiday in Zimbali Coastal Resort.


1. The endless amounts of entertainment 
Zimbali has endless amounts of entertainment to offer. The amazing Bushbuck Club has numerous tennis courts, a gym, restaurant and a pool but that's not all, a few hundred meters away is the fantastic Valley of the Pools. Situated right on the beach and made up of 2 non-heated pools, a kiddies pool, a heated pool, a beach bar & restaurant, the Valley of the Pools has everything you need including beach access. 

2. The Restaurants 
Zimbali's beach bar & restaurant serves quite frankly the best pizza I have ever had. Their service is highly commendable and their Lemon and Mint smoothie is to die for. The Bushbuck Club cafe is also the perfect place to enjoy a delicious milkshake or a cappuccino after a game of tennis. You don't have to leave the resort for anything. 

3. The Sunshine 
Being situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa) the supply of sunshine is infinite and what's better than lazing around and having the perfect weather to do it in. Oh and did I mention tans? Because girls (and guys) if you're keen for a tan, this is the perfect place to get one.

4. Tranquility
The enormous amounts of vegetation and the vast species of wildlife in the resort creates the perfect atmosphere. There's no place like Zimbali that offers such tranquility.

5. Time to rest 
My favourite thing about Zimbali is that your holiday, truly feels like a holiday. Often when we are on holiday things can go really quickly and you're rushing about and you don't really have any rest time. To me, rest is the aim of a holiday and Zimbali is definitely the perfect place to rest. With Balito Junction a short 5 minute drive down the road, everything is kept central. Zimbali offers tranquility that is perfect for downtime.

I hope you spend your next summer holiday in the tranquil resort of Zimbali but if you don't...well, you're missing out ;)

Till next Saturday



Friday, 13 April 2018

The skincare routine that will save your skin!

It’s the holidays! Yay! (Well if you go to a 3 term school in Joburg) And if there’s one thing I’m going to achieve this holiday it will be clear skin. That’s why I have designed a skin care routine that will solve all our skin care problems. If you use these tips you’ll without a doubt get clear skin in no time!

This skin care routine will use the following products:

Rooibos Exfoliate by African Extracts
This up coming rooibos exfoliate is what teenagers have been dreaming of their whole lives. African extracts Deep cleansing face wash acts to reduce blemishes and leaves your skin clear. 

Organic Coconut Oil
Why did no one tell me about this skin care gem? An absolute miracle worker, if you rub some coconut oil only on your blemishes it will dry them out and leave you spot free in no time!

Water Infusions
These are so good for your skin, I cannot stress this enough. As I mentioned in my previous blog post 4 Healthy water infusions for your skin  the different combinations provide your skin with detox materials and the minerals you need to keep your skin looking fresh and clean!

Clarins Rebalance Cream
My favorite skin cream is the Clarins ... It leaves your skin super smooth and works as a great primer as well!

You should aim to use the Rooibos Exfoliate
3 Times a week. This will help to keep your pores clean and your skin blemish free.

Apply the coconut oil to your blemishes every night before bed and the Clarins Rebalance Cream every morning or before putting on your makeup.

Also, make sure you drink lots and lots of water infusions. These will make sure that your skin has enough materials to detox.

Make sure to give this skincare routine a try for perfect, blemish free skin! 



Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Top 4 Zara Picks of the Season

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent 

A famous quote by one of my favourite designers and over the past few months, I've decided it is very true. Fashion trends vary, they change all the time and that's why you have to "keep up with the latest trends" but style, style is your very own way of expression. Style is like introducing yourself without saying a word, it is the epitome of happiness and good taste. 

Keeping all this in mind I can truly say to you Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera, the founders of Zara, are astoundingly creative designers and that is why Zara is one of my favourite brands today. However, their large collections worldwide do not help us to narrow down our shopping carts from 150 items to 5 and that is why I'm here to tell you my top 4 Zara picks of the season. 

1. Oversized Pearl Jumper 
Perfect for any season, day or night wear, this jumper is comfy and classy at the same time. It is perfect for a casual brunch or a romantic dinner. It can be paired with Jeans or Zara's Leather Pants that I speak about in my next Zara Pick.

2. Leather Pants 
My fave fave fave thing in my cupboard! They can be paired with just about anything from a plain Tee or the perfect dress up shirt and they always look to-die-for. 

3. Bow Tie Top 
This must have top will keep you looking simple but chic and it is super comfy too! I love this top because it flatters all body types and it goes with so many things. From jeans to skirts, you name it. 

4. The Zara White Perfume 
Ah, last but not least. Finish off your perfectly Zara themed outfit with their Zara White Perfume. Fresh, fabulous and ready to go! 

I hope you enjoyed my Zara Picks of the season! Make sure to keep an eye out for them the next time you visit a Zara store. 



Saturday, 24 March 2018

4 Healthy Water Infusions for your skin

You might say I'm exaggerating when I tell you a pimple can ruin your day but unfortunately I'm not. 
When one of those little guys pops up, I can guarantee that you're going to get a couple more and that's exactly why you have to keep your body healthy. If your body is healthy, you're bound to have healthy skin. These 4 water infusions contain fruits and herbs that have AMAZING healing properties for your skin. You should aim to drink one of these infusions per day. They're especially great to add to the water bottle you take to school. 

1. Strawberry & Mint 

Strawberries do absolute wonders for your skin. Strawberries contain dietary fibre which means that the toxins causing acne are regularly flushed out of your system leaving your skin pimple free. They also contain a great amount of folic acid that adds to cell growth and keeps your skin glowing and fresh. 

Mint has an outstanding effect on your skin. The healing properties of mint help your skin to soothe and cool irritations occurring on your skin 

2. Blueberries & Orange Peel 

Blueberries contain salicylic acid which is used in acne treating products. It has an ability to remove dead skin and clean out open clogged pores. It also has an ability to act against bacteria which is very useful in preventing acne and blemishes. 

Orange Peel will stop your need for any acne treatment. It prevents AND cures blackheads, acne and brightens up your face.

3. Lemon & Mint 

Lemon not only helps to revitalise the skin but also to treat open pores and blemishes. 
It aids your body when getting rid of toxins which reduces your changes of a breakout. Lemon also helps to keep you feeling fuller for long periods of time. 

4. Pomegranate 

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants that are great for delaying wrinkles or frown lines but pomegranates also help treat pigmentation and remove dark spots. 

If you are not a fan of these fruits or of having anything in your water simply add them to a jug or bottle of water and leave them over night. Then you can drain the fruit out of your water and still absorb all the healthy vitamins and minerals you need to treat your skin problems. I can honestly say these really work, my skin has never felt better and my body has never felt healthier.

Remember to snap a pic of your water infusion and tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! 


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