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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Superfood Tricks

This blog post relates to my last post containing the recipe for my Super-food Power Breakfast Bowl Today I give you all my secret superfood tricks, how I incorporate them into my meals and the superfoods I never go without. If you want to loose weight then you definitely should incorporate these into your most meals!!

Chia Seeds 
These Angel Seeds contain all the amino acids your body needs and helps to keep you full after a meal. I love to pop some in my water to help keep me going in-between meals. They also give great texture to your smoothies!

I always make sure that I've had my daily dose of these bad boys by popping them in my morning smoothie or using them in my berry salad. I always alternate between berry and regular salad for a midday snack. I always pop raspberries, goji berries, strawberries, almonds and chia seeds into my berry salad.

Raw Cacao Powder 
This is such a win win superfood because it gives your smoothie a chocolatey feel but is actually super healthy for you!! I love blending it with cherries and yogurt to make a super delicious smoothie.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I absolutely DETEST Quinoa but unfortunately it is probably the best Carb out there so I had to find a way to consume it and the secret to this is mixing it with beetroot!! This seriously works and it's surprisingly delicious.

This breakfast staple is amazing for your body and it just happens that making overnight oats is really fun! I love combining chia seeds, raspberries and yogurt with the oats and leaving it in a jar overnight. It's a superfood bomb and truly doesn't get any healthier than this. Plus, it is DELICIOUS!

Saving the best for last, my personal favourite is the avocado. Who knew something could be so perfect. Lots of people actually think avo is fattening but they are SO wrong. Avocado keeps you full and can be eaten with lots of different foods. I love to have a slice of Low GI bread with mashed avo, yum!! I also love to make my very own Guacamole (but that recipe is still a secret ;) ) and put it in a pita bread or wholewheat wrap with some chicken. 

There are tons of superfoods out there but these are my own favourites that have contributed to my weight loss of 30 kilograms since May 2017 and now I must say that I am addicted to them, but in a good way. I really hope you try them out and send me an email or comment down below telling me how your superfood intake is doing or tag me in a photo of your meal and don't forget to #totallyteen!!

Remember that a healthy body is the key to a healthy soul



Saturday, 10 March 2018

My Superfood Power Breakfast Bowl

Eating healthy can be daunting especially if you hate vegetables or anything that doesn't come out of Burger King. Trust me, I know the feeling. So my way to keep my body healthy and happy is to combine what I love and what I need. Balance is the key to a happy life. I absolutely love to cook and  what I need is to keep my body healthy and ready to train. In order to balance out my lifestyle I have created a couple special recipes that actually make me crave healthy food! Weird right? So today I want to share with you one of my favourite breakfast recipes! 

My Superfood Power Breakfast Bowl

 1 cup of Raspberries 
1 cup of chopped Strawberries
2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds 
1/2 cup of Goji Berries 
1 & 1/2 cups of Non-fat Plain Yogurt 

1/2 cup of Muesli 
Pumpkin Seeds 
Chia Seeds 
Goji Berries 


1. Combine all your ingredients into a bowl and blend until you get a smoothie like mixture 
2. Once blended pour your smoothie into a bowl and pour all your toppings except for the raspberries on top of the mixture in rows 
3. Alternate the raspberries in a circle on the edge of the bowl


I hope you enjoy my absolute fave smoothie bowl and get ready for next weeks Super-food tricks post that will give you more insight into these foods!

Keep Healthy!



Saturday, 3 March 2018

5 books you have to read this year!

Okay, so I have to start by saying that today’s blog is for lovers of books and for those who think books are the devil. For those of you who think that books are the devil, you’re probably having a hard time at school right now because I’m pretty sure that your teacher isn’t gonna buy the “haha I don’t read” excuse when you don’t hand in your termly book report. For those of you who are lovers of books, I myself know how hard it is to choose ONE book at the book store and I know how heartbreaking it is when you have nothing to read. So that’s why today’s blog post is 5 books you have to read this year! 

1. I'll give you the Sun 
Eeeekkk, this book! Lets just say it's number one on my list for a reason!! I'll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson, follows twins Noah and Jude whose lives have been torn apart by tragedy. Once upon a time they could read each others minds and bargained with each other for pieces of the world and now they're barely speaking. Who knew that falling for boys they both knew they couldn't have would drive them together again, and not further apart. 

2. Seven days of us 
I was hooked from the very first page. My current read, Seven Days Of Us by Francesca Hornak captured me from the beginning and I'm quite content to call it "very spicy." The Birch family is together for Christmas again for the first time in years but this time it's different and not in the way Emma Birch wants it to be. The whole family has been quarantined. Sit back with a steamy cup of tea and watch the drama unfold as the family is stuck together for 7 days no expect in the slightest, for what's coming to the door. 

3. Purple Hibiscus 
Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie focuses on Kambili, whose world is limited by the high walls of her family's Nigerian compound. The inside of these walls is all she knows and she has grown to live under her wealthy fathers shadow who is suppressive   and rabid about religion at home. Witness Kambili adapt to life outside the compound after the Nigerian Coup forces her to live with the lively, funny and happy members of her family outside the compound. 

4. The Hundred Foot Journey 
This captivating story by Richard C. Morais tells the story of Hassan Haji, a boy from Mumbai who embarks on a long and sporadic adventure from India to London and go on to travel across Europe with his family until they eventually settle in a French village to open up their very own restaurant. The Hundred Foot Journey is a cultured filled book for anyone who loves food and who cares for character. 

5. A book in a different language 
I mentioned a bit about this in my previous blog post, 7 Tips to learning a language. This is on today's list because it is a really cool way to learn more words in your language of choice. How I do this is I have a copy of the English version of the book and a copy of the lets say, French version. I then read one page of the French version and then the same page of the English. I also have a little notebook to write down any new words I learn. Although this can be daunting and can take up time, it is a great experience and a really fun thing to have completed. 

I hope everyone, from book lover to hater, enjoys all 5 of these books!!

Happy Reading! 



Saturday, 24 February 2018

7 Tips to Learning a language

Learning a language is hard, especially if you don't consider yourself a "language person." Personally I think it's true that deep down everyone has a niche. Some people are good at maths, others languages per say but it's highly possible that you haven't found your talent yet. And hey, maybe it isn't a subject, maybe you're good at hair or creating Instagram Themes (Help me!!) but whatever it is, I'm sure it will show itself soon. 

I first discovered my talent when my dad threw me in the deep end by forcing me to learn IsiZulu. In South Africa you have to do either an African Language or Afrikaans, Afrikaans being my second language would have been really easy for me to do at school, but my dad wouldn't have it. So now I'm confused all day everyday in my Zulu class (just jokes, I'm not that hopeless) but I really wanted to find a way to help others who are learning multiple languages like me (I also do french) and that's why today's post is a

ll about Learning a Language! 

These are my two fave apps for catching up on vocabulary. I also find that once you're done learning a certain chapter or theme these apps can help you to revise what you've learnt and they're also super fun to use as well!

2. Have a dictionary 
Sometimes typing a whole paragraph into a translator can turn out to be the opposite of what you want to say and it makes the learning process a lot longer because you're not actually learning anything. Don't use shortcuts when it comes to learning a language, it will only make the process longer.

3. 10 minutes everyday 
I really recommend spending ten minutes a day on the language you are learning, Duolingo and Memrise also come in handy with this.

4. Have easily accessible Phrases 
Having a note on your phone with phrases you can intertwine with your everyday conversations is a really cool thing to have because it will broaden your exposure to the language and having a lot of exposure will help you get more comfortable with communicating in it.

5. Watching Movies and Reading Books 
This is an AMAZING way to learn a language! Watching movies and reading books is a great way to expand your phrase list and get the exposure I talked about in my previous tip. It also helps better your pronunciation and it's a fun thing to do in your spare time and doesn't feel like work!

6. Exposure! 
I've mentioned this word quite a bit in the previous 2 tips and that's because it is very important! Exposure is one of the easiest tricks to learning a language because it does a number of things for you such as broadening your vocabulary, bettering your pronunciation and it makes learning a language FUN! You can get exposure by watching vlogs & movies and reading blogs, books & magazines in your language of choice. Maybe also try writing your diary in that language.

7. Want to learn 
Wanting to learn a language is key for the mere reason that it drives you to improve your knowledge of the language. If you don't want to do the language, you may develop a mental block and that is extremely hard to break back down again. Be positive to learning and you will succeed. 

I really hope you use these tips when learning the language you have chosen because learning a language is...magical. I love every minute of it because secret, I am a language person. I hope that when you pursue any talent you have, you do it whole heartedly and put your all into it, because thats what having a talent is all about. Doing something you love. 



Saturday, 17 February 2018

10 Makeup Items that need to be in your makeup bag this summer!

Sometimes buying makeup can be extremely tricky because you're always worried if this is the right tone or if that was the right brand to buy so today I'm here to help narrow down the search and make your makeup bag as light as possible. (And give boyfriends a couple of ideas for the next birthday gift too ;) ) 

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

This is by far one of the best foundations I have used! It blends in extremely well and will make your makeup look natural, not caked.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer

I love adding this to my skin after I’m done applying my makeup to finish off the look. It definitely makes your makeup so much more natural. 

The Body Shops Brush on Sunlight
If you’re looking for an easy way to shine, you can definitely find it in this jar. I love using this little tool to highlight or define certain areas after putting on my foundation.

The Body Shop’s Highlighting dome

This highlighting dome requires no blending whatsoever! Just apply to the areas that need highlighting and done!

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara
If you battle with clumps of mascara on your lashes, this is definitely for you. The fine brush prevents clumping and spreads your lashes out easily as you go.

The Body Shop’s Blush Brush
I prefer all Body Shops brushes but this ones an absolute gem for putting on blush!

A Beauty Blender

Every girl needs one of these! They allow ultimate blending and soak up any excess foundation. 

The Body Shop’s Power Bronzer

Suck at contouring? Say no more, just apply this magical makeup item to your cheekbones and blend. Voilà!

Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow
Small but powerful, you can intensify your eyes in just one stroke. 

The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain
Leaving the best for last! This two in one brings back the colour to your lips and makes them POP but it also acts as a blush that will bring out your eyes no matter what color they are!

 I hope you keep this pocket makeup guide close by the next time you go makeup shopping. I'm sure it will make things MUCH easier. 

Till next time 


Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Homemade Blackhead Mask that will change your life forever.

Blackheads. The curse word of beauty bloggers. These little bad boys really know when the wrong time to pop up is and I don't know about you but they're my definition of a skin disaster when trying to blend in foundation. There's lots of ways to prevent blackheads such as regular facials and washing your face with soap and water twice a day but there's not lots of ways to stop them once they've made it their mission to fill your pores. 

And that's exactly why I had to share my gem of a recipe with you

You will need: 
2 tablespoons of Raw Honey 
1 tablespoon of Baking Powder 
2 teaspoons of Salt  

1. Crush your salt (if not already crushed) and add to your honey. Mix until combined.
2. Add in your baking powder and mix until there is no baking powder left on the sides of the bowl. 

It is really important to make sure that your honey mixture is not runny. If so, add some more baking powder. When you're done you should be have a yellow, sticky mixture. 

Apply the mixture to the areas where your blackheads are, it's easiest to do this with the back of a teaspoon to make sure that it becomes smooth. Wait 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a tissue and rinse your face with cold water and pat dry. Results are instant but in order to get 100% blackhead free repeat the process a couple times. 

I also like to run a dental floss stick over my nose to remove any whiteheads and get my pores completely ick free!

I hope you have lots of fun making this really cool homemade blackhead mask and it makes sure that you don't have any skin disasters while getting ready to party this weekend ;) 
p.s it's a super cool thing to try at sleepovers with your besties too!



Friday, 2 February 2018

Photo tips and tricks: The key to taking a good photo

I am a full believer in the fact that there is nothing harder than taking a perfect photo but I definitely do believe that it is possible. Everyone tends to say that as long as you take lots of photos you'll find one that may be "post-worthy."  That may be true, however I'm here to help you take your definition of perfect photos and still have time to live in that photo worthy moment.

1. Be photo ready
Before taking any pic make sure you are photo ready. That includes hair, makeup and the perfect outfit, but always remember to keep it natural. The point of a perfect picture is to capture the real you.

2. Confidence is key! 
Believe in yourself! Make sure that you believe you are beautiful and all your followers will think you are beautiful too. Remember, self love is the most important type of love. Be confident enough to try all of those different poses ;)

3. "This is going to be amazing"
Make this your mantra while taking photos. Again, taking the perfect photo is all about believing you are beautiful.

4. Always look natural 
Your followers will be more likely to like your posts if you keep it natural especially when editing. Make sure your photos do not look artificial. It is definitely worth it to ask a friend to check your photo before posting ;) 

5. Editing 
My favourite app for editing is definitely VSCO, especially presets C1 - C9 and Q1 - Q10 but my latest editing discovery is the iPhones already built in editing tools. This feature is definitely by far the best editing tool I've come across when it comes to changing brightness, colour and blackpoint. Its got all the tools and its free, If I was you I'd definitely give it a go!



6. Lighting 
Lighting is key when it comes to taking flattering photos but iPhone has your back if you end up with a pic thats lighting is a little off. 

I really hope these tricks and photo ideas help you the next time you're taking some super cool pics and if you try them make sure to tag me: @thechloevictor. Until next Saturday, 



Saturday, 27 January 2018

Johannesburg: The Maboneng Precinct

Last week Sunday I found myself in what I like to call, The Heart of Jozi. From restaurants to craft markets to art galleries, Maboneng never runs short. For all my international readers, this is definitely a must visit ;) So inspired by our vibey, culture-filled, beautiful Johannesburg I find myself wanting, needing to tell you all about it. 

This Argentinian themed restaurant is based in an old warehouse in the Fox Street, Maboneng. They offer only the best, open-grilled meat from their grilling station situated in the middle of the restaurant which allows their amazing chefs to show off their impressive skills. This restaurant and their extremely helpful staff never failed to show our American visitors the true South African spirit. Oh, and did I mention, they serve extremely good food too ;)

My favourite part of the day had to be the Arts on Main food market. Yes, I'm a big foodie so this was such a treat for me. The market offers different types of cuisine such as Ethiopian, South African, American and many more. The market also offers collections from different South African fashion designers and a beautiful top floor bar as well as a David Krut Projects Bookstore. Despite all the amazing goodies you can find there, my favourite was the ice cream and gorgeous lollipop stand.

The walk from Che to Arts on Main could be described as a walk between cultures. This precinct can perfectly portray the true South Africa with its mix of exotic cultures and warm hospitality. So, in order for us to appreciate our beautiful city, we need to explore and this, this is the perfect place to start.

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